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This article demonstrates how to use JavaServer Pages (JSP) to manipulate PowerBuilder DataWindows. We'll create a Jaguar- CTS component in PowerBuilder and call it from JSP. Using techniques from our Hepek Dual Architecture Framework, we'll show how to Web-enable your existing DataWindows in a matter of minutes. We'll also visit a few technologies appropriate to this article and introduce each to the extent needed. We'll briefly go over Tomcat and the JSP container/engine, along with the associated setup. Once we've completed a fairly simple example, we'll introduce our Hepek DAF extension for JSP. The following tools will be used: EAServer 3.6.1 (build 36105) PowerBuilder 7.0.2 (build 8003) Jakarta Tomcat 3.2.1 (downloadable from Windows NT4.0 with SP6a Hepek DAF (as a guideline) This article isn't a fully detailed tutorial on J... (more)

Popup Menus: And Now, Something Completely Different

How many times have you needed to add an extra menu item in a DataWindow popup menu? If you've ever done it, you know what a nightmare it is and how time-consuming it can be. You'd need to go through the following steps (at least): Create or inherit a new menu for this purpose and add the new menu item needed. Place code in the new menu item's Clicked Event to dynamically call the desired DW method. Override the DW RbuttonUp event and change the reference from m_dw to a new popup menu. Place code in the DW RbuttonUp Event to create and pop up the new menu. Place code in the DW me... (more)

ShareData In A Dual-Architecture Framework

In our previous article in PBDJ (Vol. 8, issue 1), we discussed the benefits of dual-architecture frameworks (DAF). Using our own Hepek DAF we outlined what DAFs should be able to do. In this issue we'll show you how to create a ShareData service that works under both client/server and n-tier architectures. The ShareData service is fully implemented in Hepek DAF, which the code presented here is from. You can download the code (Listings 1-8) on the PBDJ Web site at You should be able to adopt it for your own use without encountering any problems. Su... (more)

Building A JSP-JaguarCTS-PowerBuilder Bridge Part 2

In the last issue of PBDJ (Vol. 8, issue 4) we prepared the ground for our JSP-JaguarCTS-PB bridge. In this article we code our n_hepekpbdj component and deploy it to JaguarCTS. This component will be capable of handling an HTML String or ResultSet. We then create a JSP page that calls this component, then list some of the possibilities for a JSP-Jaguar-CTS-PB bridge based on our experiences in building one for our Hepek Dual Architecture Framework. Coding n_hepekpbdj Last time we created an n_hepekpbdj component using the Jaguar Component Wizard; now it's time to create functi... (more)

Dual Architecture Frameworks

With the recent fuel shortage we've seen a price increase here in the U.S. as well as around the world. In addition, we have different types of fuel with different price tags. The price of diesel fuel, which is the cheapest, didn't increase as much as premium did. Every time I go to the gas station with my V-8 gas sucker, which uses premium, I wish I could pump diesel instead. Well, that's not how cars work. Even though I paid a lot of money for my car, I don't have the ability to switch between diesel and premium. It would be a great option though. Is that too much to ask? If you... (more)